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More about the Wiltshire Care Partnership

The Wiltshire Care Partnership (WCP) was established in 2012 and registered as a not for profit company limited by guarantee. The decision to establish a provider-led forum within Wiltshire arose from an initiative by the Wiltshire branch of the Registered Nursing Homes Association and the Wiltshire Care Home Association and was supported by Wiltshire Council. The first AGM of the Wiltshire Care Partnership took place in September 2013 when members of the Partnership voted to adopt a Constitution and a Code of Conduct and elected the first Board.

During the first full membership year (1st October 2013 – 30th September 2014) the opportunity to join WCP was taken up by 54% of independent providers of residential and nursing care for older people, and following the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer in January 2014 a number of important new services and resources have been developed for the benefit of members.

WCP continues to enjoy the full support of Wiltshire Council as it develops it's role as the leading representative body for all adult care providers across the county:

Wiltshire Council is pleased that the Wiltshire Care Partnership has developed such a strong presence in its work with commissioners both in the Council and the CCG over the past year. WCP is now providing a useful forum for discussion and consultation, and is ensuring that the views of care home providers are represented at significant strategic levels. It is also providing a vehicle for collaborative partnership working focused on improving the quality and safety of the services provided to the customers we support. As set out in the Council’s block and framework agreements with older people’s care home providers, we intend to continue working closely with WCP as a key strategic partner. We would therefore encourage contracted providers to participate actively in the Partnership, which has now become the Council’s primary focus for all discussions on matters related to the provision of residential care, and which we expect over the next year will become equally important to our work with domiciliary care providers and providers of services to people under 65. [Nicola Gregson, Head of Commissioning, Older People, Wiltshire Council]

At an Extraordinary General Meeting in July 2014, members voted unanimously to open up membership to independent providers of domiciliary care and residential services for adults with disabilities, with effect from the start of the new membership year (1st October 2014).

The staff and Board of WCP are therefore looking forward to further developing our membership and influence and working with commissioners to achieve the provision of high quality, safe services for older people and adults with disabilities across Wiltshire.


At the first AGM of Wiltshire Care Partnership (WCP) in September 2013, members agreed the organisation’s Constitution. This was further amended by vote of the membership in July 2014, to enable domiciliary care and disabilities providers to join WCP, as well as older people’s residential and nursing care providers. Download it here

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct was agreed by members at the first AGM in 2013, which all members undertake to abide by. Download it here